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How Families Flourish
in the Second Half of Life

From the ashes of a personal tragedy, best-selling author Dr. Ken Druck has shown countless families how to rise up and meet the changes, challenges and opportunities of aging with courage and compassion. In his new book, “Raising an Aging Parent,” he inspires adult children and their aging parents to become the better version of themselves in the second half of life.

Tens of millions of families are facing the challenges of watching their parents get older in a rapidly changing world. As the “Graying of America” becomes a new normal, the Gen-X and Millennial children of 72 million Baby Boomers in 2019 are caught between the demands of caring for their aging parents and their own children, along with their marriages, careers and lives. Adult children and their aging parents need a new playbook to guide them in facing into these challenges.

Dr. Ken Druck, an expert on aging and family psychology, provides that guidance. His work over the past four decades has been focused on strengthening families through courageous living.

"Courageous living,” he explains, is "the willingness and ability to face into, rather than turn away from, life’s changes and challenges, create opportunities for success – and flourish.”

In his new book, “Raising an Aging Parent: Guidelines for Families in the Second Half of Life,” Dr. Druck asks, “What’s it like watching our parents get older? How is it affecting us to see them change? What does it mean to be a good son and daughter in this winter season of life? How can we balance self-care with caring for our parents? Why does getting along with our siblings become even more important as our parents age? What new opportunities are there for families in the second half of life -- and how can we harvest them?” And, “What does it mean to leave a “Legacy of Love?”

“If we're fortunate, we're getting older,” he says. “How we deal with aging defines the quality of our lives more than most of us realize. How we show up for our aging parents—whether we have been ’good’ sons or daughters and ‘raised’ our parents up in their time of need—matters in the larger scheme of things. The second half of life is as critical to the character and quality of our lives as the first.”

Arianna Huffington calls "Raising an Aging Parent" one of the best books on aging parents to read in 2020.

Dr. Druck holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Featured regularly in national media, including CNN, Fox, PBS, Oprah, Larry King Live, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post since the publication of his breakthrough book “The Secrets Men Keep” in the mid-1980’s, he has spent decades educating the public on how we summon newfound courage to face life’s most daunting challenges, including loss. His painful firsthand experience with loss came 23 years ago when his 21-year-old daughter, Jenna, died while studying abroad.

Fighting his way back into life after his daughter’s death and dedicated to honoring her life and spirit, he founded The Jenna Druck Center, creating two empowering programs: “Families Helping Families” that helped bereaved families deal with losses of every kind, and “Young Women’s Leadership” that taught teen girls how to be leaders in their own lives and communities as Jenna was during her young life.

Recognized by national and local organizations for his pioneering work, including the “Distinguished Contribution to Psychology” “Visionary Leadership” and “Family Advocate of the Year” awards, Dr. Druck became a go-to resource for survivors, first responders and communities after national tragedies including 9-11, Columbine and Sandy Hook.

Now Dr. Druck has applied his years of experience on the front lines working with loss to help us face the inevitable struggles we all go through as we age and grieve the loss of our younger selves.

His book, “Courageous Aging: Your Best Years Ever Reimagined,” became an Amazon bestseller in 2018 and established him as a thought leader in the field of healthy aging. Touring the country giving Courageous Aging workshops and leading “Community Conversations on Aging” with other regional experts led to his interest in the “Sandwich Generation” (SanGen) – those caring for their aging parents while facing the demands of their own families and work. Groups such as YPO, family businesses with intergenerational challenges and community leaders began requesting him for coaching, consulting and keynote speeches on this subject.

“People in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s are watching their parents get older and wondering, how do I show up in my mom and dad's life? And what about my own life? Can I be there for my parents who need me more as they age and not burn out, especially when I have kids, a job, a marriage, and I’m trying desperately to have a life of my own?”

Realizing that millions of people today are asking these kinds of questions, having these conversations, and searching for answers, Dr. Druck wrote “Raising an Aging Parent.”

“Facing into these changes and challenges, strengthening the bonds between adult children and their aging parents, as well as their siblings, in the second half of life requires a new paradigm that models love, courage, understanding, humility, balance, communication, compassion and care.”

“Raising an Aging Parent” is a guide for anyone trying to care for their family and enjoy their own life, health and relationships as they age.

“When we face the seasons of family life unfolding before our very eyes, maximize the gifts and opportunities we’ve been afforded, and pay the good in our lives forward, we insure that our children, grandchildren and future generations will one day sit in the shade of a giving tree and flourish with the seeds of love that we planted.”

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PRESS RELEASE 11/5/19 How Families Flourish in the Second Half of Life

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